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Autumn is the perfect time of year for so many reasons. The weather has cooled off, making outdoor activities easier on everyone, and the changing colors are the perfect backdrop for a get-together or party. So, why not have a family reunion in autumn?  The following tips are here for planning a reunion:

Find the right place.

For local get-togethers, the Wisconsin Dells has the perfect mix of entertainment and nature to suit any family reunion. Having a place to gather for a family party to kick things off or end the reunion is a must. The Swan Barn Door offers the perfect rustic-chic location for a family gathering, giving your reunion the perfect start or end.

Start contacting early.

Don’t wait to contact everyone, get in touch with aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and siblings as soon as possible. Family reunions take time, planning, and work to make them perfect.

Assign some helpers.

You may be the one who had the idea but that doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself. Talk with your family and see what they’re comfortable helping with. Once your helpers are established, keep communication open and be sure everyone knows their part.

For those who travel.

Many times, the family will be traveling from across the country. Deciding where everyone will stay may become a bit of a problem. Consider renting out a large lodge or house for the family. If those aren’t available, look for affordable hotels, or if staying local, see who’s willing to have family come to stay with them.

Don’t forget the pictures.

Reunions are the perfect time to have pictures taken. Having a professional photographer capture the events is a nice way to remember being together. As everyone will probably be using cell phones to snap memories, collect those pictures via email or text and make them available for the entire family to download.

Getting the family together is worth the work. While the planning may get a little hectic, once the family is all gathered, beautiful memories will be shared and made.