Nontraditional Wedding Trends

Wedding traditions are meant to last forever, right? Well, maybe different is better. For the local couples out there who have searched through all the locations to find one of the best barn wedding venues in Wisconsin, you’ve already dodged tradition and opted out of the fancy ballroom for a rustic affair. This is a good thing! Weddings are meant to be remembered. The following are fun, flashy–and some would say–even hipster nontraditional wedding trends:

Not your grandmother’s wedding cake.

That’s right, many young couples have ditched the tiered wedding cake in favor of something a little less traditional. Some nontraditional wedding trends today include cupcakes, doughnuts, macrons, and even wedding pies have taken the place of the famed cake at many a recent wedding.

Social Media is a must.

Registering online for wedding gifts has become a popular alternative to registering in person. Another rising trend is posting all wedding updates and even sending out e-vites through social media. With the addition of hashtags, Guests, friends, and family will know all the details as they log into social media sites for updates.

Is that Pinterest inspired?

Modern weddings are moving away from professionally decorated and opting for homemade. From flowers to food to centerpieces – couples, their friends, and families are working to make these weddings a work of art with inspiration from places like Pinterest and the DIY Network.

Keeping it Casual.

Not a fan of getting dressed up? Not to worry.  The “in-look” is to tone down the attire in order to maintain the more down-to-earth and casual ceremonies.  Appropriate wedding attire is quickly becoming a casual and laid-back dress code – ripped jeans and tank tops might are still a little too relaxed, think more polos and slacks.

White isn’t the only color.

Some brides might be hoping for the perfect white dress, while newer trends have brides choosing colored or off-shades of white for their dresses. These brides don’t want the same old thing, they want to make a statement with their gowns, and choosing an alternative to white is just the way to do it.

Whether traditional or hip and trendy, your wedding is about you and your fiancé. Create a day the two of you will remember with the touches that will mean the most to you.

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