Wedding Photography at The Venue

When choosing a venue, you conjure up images of how it will accommodate your guests. Does it look comfortable? Will it leave everyone with an impression of its beauty, and what will it look like in your pictures?  Photography at the venue is one, if not the, most essential part of the day.

When organizing their Wisconsin wedding or other events, everyone wants a barn wedding venue that will allow for stunning photographs that will capture and depict their unique, loving relationship. There are some important details to factor into your decisions in selecting a venue that will give you the desired imagery.

It can prove very helpful to have your photographer visit the venue prior to the date of the event. It is important for this to be at the same time of day the photographs are to be taken.

This will give your photographer an idea of what the lighting is going to be like as you walk as a married couple. It will allow them to find where the bright spots and the shadows are, and allow them to make an informed decision on lighting equipment they will take and how they can best light the scene. This can be very helpful for some photographers.

However, not every photographer will prefer to do this. Some enjoy working with fresh eyes when they arrive at the venue. It is also good to note that as one of the best barn wedding venues in Wisconsin, The Swan Barn Door does allow flash photography at our venue, while not every venue will. Using our venue will provide you with incredible photo backgrounds, as well as rustic decor. All of this culminates to making it a perfect place to capture noteworthy moments of you and all of your loved ones when it means the most.

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