Remembering Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Barn wedding venues in Wisconsin combine the allure of both the past and present creating both a unique and rustic event space. The barns of Wisconsin Dells contain history. Every family carries its own personal history. You should be able to reflect on your family’s personal story and love on your special day. Your special day is celebrated with loved ones, and naturally, many want to include friends or relatives who have passed away. Remembering loved ones at your wedding can be both a beautiful and impactful addition to your wedding.

Here are some subtle examples:

  • A symbolic flower, locket, or photo added to the bridal bouquet
  • Adding a special flower arrangement to the altar and including a note about it in your program

And here are slightly more public examples:

  • A moment of silence
  • A memorial table with photos of your loved ones who have passed on
  • Lighting a memorial candle during your ceremony
  • A toast to them at your reception

All of these are beautiful sentiments, and what you choose to do may vary based on who it is you are choosing to remember. Just keep in mind that before deciding how to honor your loved ones, it’s clever to check in with close relatives who may be sensitive to the loss. After that, you can find the best way to honor them without making the wedding feel like a memorial service. Also, no matter how you choose to go about remembering loved ones at your wedding, don’t forget to let your photographer know what you’ve planned.

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