Why Build Timber Frame?

Here’s why you should consider timber frame construction for your home, barn, pavilion, bridge or commercial structure.

1. Structural Soundness and Durability

The combination of timber with strong mortise and tenon joints makes the timber frame building very durable. It can stand up through most natural disasters. Heavy timber is fire resistant and its joints can take more pressure than conventional buildings.

2. Energy Efficient

Timber frame buildings are very energy efficient because of the large timbers, which allow virtually no temperature transfer between the outside and inside of the building. The large spaces between each timber are filled with structural insulated panels, known for superior insulation qualities.

3. Eco-Friendly

Many timber frames support sustainable forestry and use reclaimed lumber.

4. Design Flexibility

The interior floor plan on a timber frame home is very customizable with endless options. The strong exterior shell makes for easy and flexible options for interior walls and the ability to create large open spaces. Windows can be used more because of the structure allowing more natural light. Even drywall can be used unlike in log-built homes.

5. Craftsmanship

Timber frame structures are purely artistic, beautiful, and a fabulous example of true craftsmanship. Want the wow factor? Timber frame buildings are the answer.

6. Historical

Timber framing was the primary way of building before dimensional lumber became more readily available. Modern timber frame builders engage this historical technique to build strong structures that beautifully display the wood, one of the world’s oldest building materials.

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