5 Tips To Create The Perfect Barn Wedding

It’s the day you two have been waiting for since you both said “yes”. The day you’ve been dreaming about, when you and your fiancé will stand in front of family and friends and say, “I do”. It’s the day you’ve both been prepping for with all the hopes and stress brought on by the little and not so little details. You’ve scoured local wedding venues in Wisconsin and you’ve decided that a perfect barn wedding is what you both want. You are planning the best barn wedding of all barn weddings in Wisconsin. Now that you’ve settled on the type of wedding, a few details are needed to ensure that you have the perfect day.

1. Location, Location, Location

If you have your heart set on the perfect barn that’s a three-hour drive from where you live, you’ll have to budget in money for a hotel for you, your family, and some guests. The farther away from the location, the harder it will be for guests to be there for your wedding. Look for closer barn venues if you are planning a large wedding and consider farther locations for smaller, more intimate weddings.

While most barn venues have areas for catering, some do not. Some locations may have full professional kitchens on-site to aid in food prep while others might have a more simple setup. Find out all the details before booking a location and work out any issues with your catering service well in advance to avoid and food fiascoes.

2. Plan for the weather

The elements can wreak havoc on even the best-planned weddings. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony on the grounds consider renting a tent for any rain, snow, or extreme heat. Even if the weather is perfect, it’s better to have a tent ready than to have guests complain of sunburn.

3. Choose the Right Shoes

Older barns may not have finished floors and that can be murder on high-heeled shoes. Check out the floors to help you decide what kind of shoes to wear. Non-traditional shoes at a barn wedding can add to the ambiance and charm. If the flooring is an issue for your shoes, let guests know so that they can wear the right shoes as well.

4. Park Right Here

Parking can be an issue if you are planning a large wedding. Ask about parking, whether it’s on-site or nearby. If only off-site parking is available ask if the venue offers shuttle service to and from the wedding site. If not, you might want to consider a different locale or adding room to the budget for a shuttle service.

5. Don’t Let the Bugs Bug Your Guests

A barn wedding usually means a more rural location and with rural locations, like working farms, insects can be a problem. Using citronella candles in decorative jars around the barn will add a touch of elegance while also deterring insects. If the location discourages candles or open flames or as an added measure of protection for your guests, consider placing small containers of insect repellent in an ornamental basket at each table with a cute note.
Keeping these tips in mind as you plan your barn wedding will turn your big day into a lovely, memorable success.  Happy barn wedding planning!

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