The Perfect Wedding Invitation

Your wedding date is picked, your dress shopping has begun and you are searching through the most beautiful barn wedding venues in Wisconsin. You have a vision in your mind of how glorious your big day is going to be and now it’s time to pick out the perfect invitations. The following are few tips to help you pick out the perfect wedding invitation for your perfect day:

1. Reflect Your Personality

Your wedding invitation should reflect you and your fiancé’s personality. If you both enjoy the outdoors consider more natural tones with wildlife touches (i.e.: vine work, scenic picture in the background, etc.).

2. The Image

Will you have a picture of you and your fiancé or no picture? Traditionally, wedding invitations have had a lovely picture of the happy couple, which let distant friends and family know what the couple looks like. With today’s technology and the prolific sharing of photos, invitation pictures are on the decline. If you have your heart set on a gorgeous picture of you two in each wedding invitation, then add one.

3. Going Green?

Going green by skipping paper altogether is a trend as well. With little to no cost, you can upload photos and details, complete with an RSVP that’s just a tap away, to invite your wedding guests. The only drawback to this kind of invite; you will need all the guests’ current emails which may be harder to get than actual addresses.

4. Wedding Colors

Use wedding colors as your invite inspiration or keep it a simple black and white. While bold and bright colors will definitely get the guests’ attention, you can’t go wrong with the simple elegance of a black and white invite. One word of caution: go easy on the color and remember less is more. Color on a wedding invite should give the right pop and not be garish.

5. Use Foil

Gold and silver foil can give a touch of class to your wedding invitations. Whether gold or silver foil envelope liners or lettering, a little shine will grab attention and add beauty to your invitations. If choosing a color and metallic foil, be sure they complement and don’t clash with each other.

The most important aspect about your wedding invitations? That they are uniquely yours.

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