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The air is crisp. We cuddle up with warm drinks and watch our breath caught in the air. Winter is undoubtedly the most romantic season of the year. It brings about so much cheer and feelings of intimacy. What you may not have considered is what a great season it is for a wedding. Sometimes, people forget to consider it as the wonderful option it is because they worry about the weather, or worry about it looking stereotypical.

However, when planning a wedding to be set sometime December through February, it opens up more options—and there doesn’t have to be a flake of snow in sight (even though that can be a huge plus!) Things can become stagnant in the middle of January and February. The holidays and vacations have ended, and the new year begins. Why not give people a little more joy to look forward to? Everyone loves a summer, or autumn wedding, but why not be even more special? No one wants to get married when their guests have three other weddings to go to.

Winter Wedding, Swan Barn Door

Yes, the weather tends to be more reliable in some of these customary months—they’re pleasant and calm. The problem, everyone wants to get married then. So, it can be good to take a step out of the crowd and do something that will be unique, and not entirely expected. Not to mention, availability is always better at traditionally “off-peak” times, which is very helpful if you are planning on a shorter timeline. The reason couples often have to book a wedding far in advance is to secure a date at the venue. Operating within the winter months can help offset that.


Best of all, the winter sky can be amazing for photographs. You know, that entrancing gray hue that only happens in the winter in the late afternoon. It only happens in December, January, and February, and is perfect lighting for those gorgeous wedding photos. Or, the sun will reflect beautifully off the white snow. Just take a look at Chris and Hannah on their special day.

Winter Wedding, Swan Barn Door

There are such wonderful perks to a winter wedding. At The Swan Barn Door, we know this to be the case. During the three months of December, January, and February, our barn wedding venue is 50% off. The beautiful Wisconsin winter atmosphere, paired with the unique and rustic barn venue creates the warmest wedding feelings. So, plan a wedding with character everywhere you look and send your marriage into the spring.