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The Perfect Shoes

So, you’ve found and secured the perfect Wisconsin Dells wedding venue and you’re planning the rest of your wedding to match this perfect location. The flowers will be stunning, the food will be 5-star, your fiancé will have the perfect three-piece suit with the perfect tie to reflect your wedding colors. And the dress, the dress is absolutely breathtaking and you couldn’t be happier. Now it’s time to choose the perfect shoes to match your perfect day.

When picking out shoes for your wedding, the most important thing to remember is comfort. You will be on your feet for much of the day, talking with family and loved ones, dancing, exchanging vows. If you don’t usually wear heals this isn’t the time to invest in a pair of stilettos and hope for the best. Equally important, the barefoot trend, though carefree and fun, can get you into trouble especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Nature can be unforgiving on bare feet.

The next thing to consider is style. Will this be a strictly black-tie event with all the elegance and finery or a more laid-back affair? For high-end, formal weddings and receptions classic choices like white lace or satin heals or flats will be an appropriate choice to go with the theme. If your day will be more relaxed, shoes like satin ballet slippers, decorated flip-flops and even custom tennis shoes will add the right touch of individuality and fun to your big day.

Choosing a color other than white, a color that complements your wedding or even your bride’s maids’ dress color adds a nice splash of flare to your wedding. Or choosing a nice neutral color with a sensible heal will let you use your shoes after the wedding, making them a nice reminder of your big day.

Whatever shoe style or trend you decide to go with, remember this is your day and your shoes should reflect your style. Have fun shopping!

The Right Invite for Your Wedding

Your Wedding date is picked, your dress shopping has begun and you are searching through the most beautiful barn wedding venues in Wisconsin. You have a vision in your mind how glorious your big day is going to be and now it’s time to pick out the perfect invitations. The following are few tips to help you pick out the perfect invites to your perfect day:

• Your invitation should reflect you and your fiancé’s personality. If you both enjoy the outdoors consider more natural tones with wildlife touches (i.e.: vine work, scenic picture in the background, etc.).

• Will you have a picture of you and your fiancé or no picture? Traditionally, wedding invitations have had a lovely picture of the happy couple, which let distant friends and family know what the couple look like. With today’s technology and the prolific sharing of photos, invitation pictures are on the decline. If you have your heart set on a gorgeous picture of you two in each invitation, then add one.

• Going green by skipping paper all together is also a trend as well. With little to no cost you can upload photos and details, complete with an RSVP that’s just a tap away, to invite your wedding guests. The only drawback to this kind of invite; you will need all the guests’ current emails which may be harder to get than actual addresses.

• Use wedding colors as your invite inspiration or keep it a simple black and white. While bold and bright colors will definitely get the invitees attention, you can’t go wrong with the simple elegance of a black and white invite. One word of caution: go easy on the color and remember less is more. Color on a wedding invite should give the right pop and not be garish.

• Gold and silver foil can give a touch of class to your invitations. Whether gold or silver foil envelope liners or lettering, a little shine will grab attention and add beauty to your invitations. If choosing color and metallic foil, be sure they complement and don’t clash with each other.
The most important aspect about your wedding invitations? That they are uniquely yours.

Great Wedding and Good Eats

The details of a wedding can seem never ending. After souring all the wedding venues in Wisconsin, you’ve decided to have a lovely, rustic-chic barn wedding. You have the decorations, invitations, colors and save the date cards all ready to go; but what about the food? Creating the perfect ambience for your wedding means creating a reception feast that reflects your big day.

Buffet or Sit Down

As you budget for your wedding reception dinner you will need to decide whether you want a buffet style reception meal or a sit-down meal. A buffet offers more food options, allowing guests to choose their own food and gives off a casual feel—perfect for a barn wedding. However, a buffet meal can mean long lines and take away from a more elegant affair.

A sit-down reception meal is more formal, requiring waiters to deliver food by the plate.  While this is the more elegant option, there isn’t much food choice for the guests and this option can sometimes be a little pricey.

Choose Your Food

As you prepare your menu, it’s easy to get carried away with all the culinary possibilities.  Remember to keep it simple as you plan. Consider two types of meat options with simple side dishes that will complement each entrée. For instance; if you choose to have a beef or chicken option, roasted potatoes, salad and rolls would pair perfectly with each.

Work with your caterer on presentation and seasoning possibilities to turn a simple dinner into a memorably delicious meal.

Keep it Seasonal

Working with seasonal ingredients will help keep the meal fresh while also protecting the budget. Seasonal fruits and vegetables usually cost less and are at the peak of freshness which will enhance your reception meal. As you plan your menu, consider different ways to incorporate seasonal items into the meal. For example; watermelon brings a crisp and sweet taste to a salad and when frozen, can be blended into cool and refreshing drink options.

Whatever menu you choose for your big day, remember to do some homework and find a good caterer who will help you be creative with your reception feast.

10 Wedding Planning Tips in Wisconsin Dells to Get You Organized

Wisconsin Dells Wedding Planning

These simple but effective wedding planning tips can help get you organized and relieve some of the stress in making your wedding day go smoothly!

  1. Purchase a dedicated datebook for your wedding planning. Once you mark your wedding date in this book, work backwards to set deadlines to get things accomplished. Some things will need to be reserved right away, such as the reception and ceremony location.
  2. Pick one day a week for wedding planning. If you dedicate one day a week to your wedding, and split the to-do list with your fiancé, you will stay on track and know who is doing what in the planning phase without duplicate efforts. Revisit and prioritize your list every week so you can also cross of items as completed!
  3. Do not procrastinate! Do not wait or put off planning your wedding until a few months before. Most aspects of the wedding will need to be reserved months or even a year in advance. Try to get as much done in the first few months as you can so you won’t panic a month or two before your wedding day.
  4. Be open to bend a little. You and your fiancé may not agree on a few things when planning your wedding, but remember it’s YOUR day as a couple. You both should be able to contribute personal choices to your wedding day to make it special, even if he wants to wear camouflage vests under his tuxedo.
  5. Vendor questionnaire of amenities and costs. Put together a list of questions for each vendor BEFORE you meet with them so you can get all the details down and compare before you choose.
  6. Be creative and choose what reflects you as a couple. Pick what is most important to you and prioritize based on that, not on convention or expectations. This is your day to share your union with family and friends and why you belong together.
  7. Written contracts are absolutely necessary. When you meet with the vendors for your wedding (florists, photographers, DJ’s, caterers, etc), be sure all the details are spelled out and you have read the cancellation policies and fees before you sign it.
  8. Share a unique and personal something with your guests. This personal touch helps connect your guests to you as a couple and also can provide unique and impressionable photo opportunities.
  9. Don’t expect perfection on your wedding day. No matter how much we plan, don’t let unplanned moments ruin your day. Just relax, laugh at it together, and savor every moment of your special day. Remind yourself that your wedding is a special union between two people.
  10. Keep the big picture in mind. The wedding planning is complete and it’s your big day. Step back and let go of all that stress. Enjoy the day and relish every moment because it goes by very fast and you have the rest of your lives to spend together after the party is over!

Just remember to breathe and delegate and your big day will be here before you know it. Happy planning from all of us at The Swan Barn Door! Save your wedding date today by clicking on the calendar below!

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