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10 Tips to Planning a Successful Retreat in Wisconsin Dells

Retreat Venue in Wisconsin Dells

Want to plan a successful retreat? Here’s some tips that will encourage attendance and give you rave reviews.

1. Develop a Theme for Your Retreat. A theme gives your retreat focus and should relate to your group’s purpose. Give it a cool title to create excitement and encourage participation.

2. Research Your Retreat. You want your participants to contribute and be engaged. Plan your retreat so they are encouraged to participate. It should be a balance between work and fun.

4. Establish a Good Facilitator. This will ensure smooth running of your retreat and keep it on task. It also ensures objectivity.

5. Arrange for a Note Taker. This will provide a record of key points and results to refer back to later.

6. Select a Great Venue. It should offer comfortable accommodations, great service and food, and the equipment needed to present any information. Natural light would also be a great thing to encourage positive spirit.

7. Get Feedback from Participants. You can find multiple free surveys online. Be sure to make them anonymous for best results.

8. Reserve Your Space. Some venues will need reservations up to a year in advance. This way you can publicize and market your retreat once you secure a date.

9. Use Marketing Materials. Send out marketing materials at least two months in advance. Set the registration deadline at least 10 days before event, and use an “early bird” discount if people sign up before the deadline.

10. Provide Details for Your Participants. Give your participants directions to the facility, a schedule and “what to bring” and what will be provided.

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