photography at the venue

Photography At The Venue

When choosing a venue, you conjure up images of how it will accommodate your guests. Does it look comfortable? Will it leave everyone with an impression of its beauty, and what will it look like in your pictures?  Photography at the venue is one, if not the, most essential part of the day. When organizing…

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planning a reunion

The Perfect Time for a Reunion: Planning a Reunion

Autumn is the perfect time of year for so many reasons. The weather has cooled off, making outdoor activities easier on everyone, and the changing colors are the perfect backdrop for a get-together or party. So, why not have a family reunion in autumn?  The following tips are here for planning a reunion: Find the…

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non-traditional wedding trend

The Non-Traditional Trend

Wedding traditions are meant to last forever, right? Well, maybe different is better. For the local couples out there who have searched through all the locations to find one of the best barn wedding venues in Wisconsin, you’ve already dodged tradition and opted out of the fancy ballroom for a rustic affair. This is a…

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10 Tips to Planning a Successful Retreat in Wisconsin Dells

Want to plan a successful retreat? Here’s some tips that will encourage attendance and give you rave reviews. 1. Develop a Theme for Your Retreat. A theme gives your retreat focus and should relate to your group’s purpose. Give it a cool title to create excitement and encourage participation. 2. Research Your Retreat. You want your…

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World Wide Wedding Traditions

The wonderful thing about weddings is that they are incredibly reflective of the happy couple. Decorations, dresses, colors, flowers and food all combine to paint a lovely picture of the bride and groom’s personality. From a lovely barn wedding to an up-town banquet hall, weddings represent not only what the couple love, but also can…

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